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About us

CasinoLove is a startup founded in 2021 and has its HQ in Hungary (EU). Our mission is to help players win. We are creating educational contents, analysis, and reviews about games. We are focusing on games familiar from Casinos.

Our products are primarily videos, including some supporting articles and tools. These products are available online on platforms like YouTube or the Web. Our main activity evolves around research and producing videos.

Creating value

From the perspective of our business model, we have two types of users for who we create value:

1) Players

The objectives of "Players" are:
- Increased engagement with the games and its community
- Exciting way of spending free time
- Sharing the success with others
- Gain prizes for winning the game, monetary in particular

We help "Players" by acquiring very helpful information to achieve their goals, and by sharing this information in an entertaining, straight to the point, and interactive format.

2) Game Organisers

The objective of "Game Organisers" (who are primarily online casinos) are:
- High-level of player satisfaction
- Increase game and brand awareness
- Increased social acceptance
- Sustainable growth

We help "Game Organisers" by creating a market: raising public awareness, interest, and knowledge of the offered games and services. Furthermore, we are creating a more fair, healthier, balanced view about this sector of the entertainment industry.

Implicit value creation

The implicit long-term result of our successful activity is the lower cost of game engagement. There are two reasons for this. First, the Players employ high return strategies and play with high return-to-player games. Second, the Game Organisers have substantially reduced marketing costs, due to the satisfied, frequently returning Players.

A further goal for us to accelerate the evolution of the industry, whereby we will see a reduction of those games and organisers which provide low engagement and/or have a high cost.

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Email: hello@casinolove.org

Company info

Company name: Casinolove Kft.
Company type: Limited, privately owned
Company registration: Hungary, EU
Tax ID (Hungary): 29255388-2-14
TAX ID (EU): HU29255388
Company Registration Number (Hungary): 14-09-318400
Company Registration Number (EU): HUOCCSZ.14-09-318400

House: 2/A
Street: Buzsáki utca
City: Kaposvár
Postcode: 7400
County: Somogy
Country: Hungary